Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The quest for CHA

I know what you're saying.  What the heck is CHA?  CHA is the the Craft and Hobby Association.  They hold annual conventions where companies come together and promote their new products.  Buyers come to these events to see and order the latest products for their stores.  For the first time, CHA is hosting a  papercrafters only event in Atlanta.  All the big paper companies will be there.  So why do I want in?  Well, as a crafty blogger and living here in the South, this may be the closest I come to meeting some of the greats.  I'm not a store owner and therefore, not a member of CHA.  Some of these companies are sponsors of my challenge blog, Mountain Plains Crafters, that I started with 2 friends not long ago.  It's the perfect opportunity for me to meet some of our sponsors and thank them personally for their support.  I also want to blog about the experience from an insider's point of view.  So basically, the only way I'm getting in, is to do some volunteer work which I would LOVE to do.  I've been taking baby steps in my quest.  Can I afford the additional expenses involved, like food, gas, lodging?  Um, no.  I'm like many of you.  The downturn in the economy affected my husband's job and he is only working part-time for now.  We are counting pennies but there are still mouths to feed, doctor copays, medications to buy.  I cannot afford this.  I do not have the extra money.   But its a dream that I can't let go, so for now, the baby steps continue and I will figure it out as each day comes.  I do have a checklist of sorts.  Want to see? 

1.  Contact current sponsors.  Check.  (They're bringing their own armys to CHA, so two no's)
2.  Pray.  Check.
3.  Maybe I should have prayed first?  Duly noted.
4.  Contact CHA directly.  Check.  (Hi Tina!)
5.  No response from CHA.  Contact again.  Check. (Thanks Tina!  My request has moved to the marketing department for review.  Whoop!)
6.  Blog about my quest.  Check.  I figured if I verbalize it, out loud, then things might happen.  I mean hey, if Jim Carey can write himself a check for a million dollars and make it happen, why not?   (Where's my checkbook...I need to write myself a check!)
7.  Spread the word.  Check.  Who do I know personally that could help in my quest?  Megan Elizabeth from Above Rubies Studio.  She's a sweetheart.  And an online friend.  I'm REALLY stepping into uncharted territory by pulling her in.  I mean, that's really asking a lot.  But you know what?  She's game to help!  And a Godly woman that I adore.  As a business owner, she's been to CHA numerous times.  She's hosted crafty products on the  HSN tv show.  She knows people. 
8.  Bide my time.  Check.  Today I shall rest from the process and wait on those who are helping.  Do I have it all figured out?  Nope.  I have a full-time job too.  Have I made arrangements to leave work?  Um, uh, no.  But I will.   Should the Lord smile favorably on this quest,  then I truly believe it will all work out.  If it doesn't?  Then it wasn't meant to be and this dream will come true another day.  #smile    Terri


  1. I truly hope you are successful in your attempt to follow your dream. I would help if I could. I will pray with you. My dream isn't as defined as yours. I just want God to use my card making and crafting to touch other people and give Him glory. I am so thankful for the godly women that he has placed in my life. Especially my on line friends.

  2. Going to CHA is one of my life goals! Maybe I should make that part of my bucket list, I sooo want to go someday. Getting to know people across the country via crafting/scrapping so helps with those lodging expenses. ^_^