Monday, January 18, 2016

MPC Presents: Einat Kessler

 Mountain Plains Crafters is excited to introduce a new feature.  No matter the craft medium that you pursue, we all have artists and designers who we admire, who influence our art, who inspire us daily.  With that in mind, we will occasionally spotlight a featured artist and are calling it, "MPC Presents".  We're kicking off the month of January with featured artist, Einat Kessler.  Take a moment and step into her shoes as she shares what inspires her and what has shaped her, including, unexpectedly....... war.

 Several of the designers here at MPC have been following this amazing Israeli designer for years.  She's an incredible mixed media artist, self taught and has her hands full with online classes, daily tutorials and tips and tricks that make your crafty life easier.  Her work has been published too many times to count and she is a registered designer with the Craft and Hobby Association.

We posed 5 questions to Einat and I think you will find her answers interesting and inspirational!

MPC:     Einat, you're a serious mixed media artist.  What is your favorite technique?
Einat:      I don’t have one favorite technique. I like to mix materials and techniques and play. I hardly plan in advance so I always managed to be surprised from the final outcome. As long as my fingers are dirty I’m happy.

MPC:    What is the one supply you absolutely cannot live without?
Einat:     Since my creations are versatile this is a difficult question. I do mixed media and paper crafts, scrapbooking, altered art and more. It also depends on when you ask me.  A year ago I would say paper, now I’ll have to say anything metal: embellishments, DIY supplies and hardware store items.

MPC:     I love the tips, tricks and techniques that you share.  Do you have a favorite tip or shortcut?
Einat:      My best tip is never look at something in one way. There is always another way of looking at things/ If you open your mind to that kind of thinking you’ll find so many ways of creating! Another important tip that I have to share is not to be hard on yourself! You have to be happy with what you create, because it’s yours. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

MPC:     What project have you created, that means the most to you, and why? 
Einat:      I have two projects: the first one is the project I created in the summer of 2014 after the war. Living in Israel means that you’re surrounded with enemies. During the summer of 2014 we were attacked and missiles were fired on the country. We had to go to the bomb shelter a few times a day including at night. The kids slept near the door on mattresses so they’ll be able to run faster to the bomb shelter. Creating was impossible. It was difficult because I missed it but I couldn’t think about it because I was too worried for my kids, my family and my country. After it was over I sat down in my craft studio and forced myself to create something…anything..this is what I made:  

(follow this link for the video and story behind this amazing project!)

The second project is a present I created for my sister. We are very close and this is her favorite photo in the world. She says she wants to be buried with it. 

(follow this link to view the video and incredible story!)

MPC:     Looking back, over your career thus far, is there anything you know now, that you wish you knew when starting out?  Any words of wisdom?
Einat:      No…I think that whatever I learned I learned exactly when the time was right for it. Everything that I know now rests on things I learned before and you can’t know put the wagon in front of the horses. It’s like a puzzle, every piece fits in its place and not in another. I still learn today. And sometimes I find myself saying I wish I knew that earlier, but then I know that even if I knew at that point in time it wouldn’t do me any good…You only learn things that you are ready for and when you are ready for them not before.

If you're not already following Einat, we encourage you to do so.  Here are her social media links.  Tell her MPC sent you! 

 Thank you so much Einat, for sharing your heart with us today!


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  1. If I had to pick only one artist who has inspired me the most, it would be Einat. I love her projects!!

  2. Yup. I'm pretty much a follower for life. :) She's incredible!