Saturday, August 16, 2014

End of summer/Back to school!

Hey howdy hey, all! It's still crazy hot outside and you wouldn't guess it, but summer time is winding down as everyone gets ready for the new school year. Bye bye BBQs and swimming pools, hello school clothes and books! The back-to-school season has always been my favorite and it still is. I used to love meeting my new teachers and getting my school supply list; now, I can't wait to meet my new professors and get my hands on my syllabus! To say goodbye to summer and greet the new season in craftiness, the MPC design team has created some fun cards for back to school inspiration; check them out!

Special teachers have always made a strong impact on me throughout my life and continue to do so to this day. I made this card with one of my favorite sociology professors in mind, as she definitely encourages her students not only to think outside the box, but to approach all matters from a place of love rather than judgement, which is crucial when studying sociology. Hope you enjoy it!

Ohhh books, how I love thee! I wasn't the jock or the popular one in school, I was the nerd with the glasses who plowed through a book a day. There's nothing better than losing  yourself in an amazing story...well, besides playing with crafting supplies! And yes, that is a real dictionary page.

I have two teenage sons. Back-to-school means Cross Country Practice at 6:30 am for one and Marching Band Practice every evening from 5pm-9pm for the other, Practices both for the week and a half before school actually starts. That is in addition to our regularly scheduled program {life}. Throw in some shoe and t-shirt shopping and we're ready for Open House!

Yes, I'm still hanging on to Summer!  Not ready to let go!  Actually, I just can't accept the fact that my one and only child has just entered high school, so thank you very much, but I'll hang onto the end of summer theme by a thread!  Or maybe a hook for these adorable fishies.  I hit a bit of a crafty funk and brought myself out by making homemade washi tape for the first time.  If you'd like to see the tutorial, you can go here.  Farewell summer, hello homework....ugh. 

Back to School always reminds me of my first grade teacher, Miss Igo. I was also a bookworm and loved being in a classroom surrounded by books. The ABCs, the ruler, the stacks of books and the apple for a favorite teacher all bring back lovely memories. The words on the tissue tape - Journey, Artful, Imagination - just by chance were on the piece of tissue tape I tore off. But they were all perfect as I reflected back on Miss Igo's classroom and created this card to share my memories.


My baby went back to school this week as a sophomore in High School. That doesn't seem right. My second daughter is in college getting her degree in education... following in mom's footsteps. But she is wanting to teach middle school instead of elementary.( I think it takes a special calling to teach that age.) I made my card for her as a reminder about what is important. Teachers can only teach to students who want to learn. My prayers are with all the teachers, students and school staff that they may all have a safe year.

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