Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And so it FLOWs.....

I am thoroughly addicted to FLOW magazine..... Came across it at Barnes & Noble on one of my many visits and now patiently wait to find each new issue.... It is a paper-crafter's dream.. Full of articles, stickers, postcards, paper, tiny envelopes and much more... Describing it could never do it justice... Check them out here at FLOW .. I did not think I could EVER use any of the magazine to create with until I found someone who loved it as much as I do.. I challenged her to create something with it for me and I would do the same for her... Well, she is a Zentangler and incorporated that into her first ever handmade card just for ME !! I made one for her as well and wanted to share them both with you today... I found a magazine and made a friend all at the same time... Enjoy our creative efforts... Then go find an image you love-- in a book or magazine or advertisement.. Put on your creative thinking cap and go with the flow ....    Deb


My card for Faith
Bird image from FLOW

Faith's First Handmade Card for ME
Deer image from FLOW

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