Friday, May 16, 2014

Lawn Fawn Challenge ~ WIN Stamp Set AND Paper!!!

Have you ever had a fawn on your lawn?  How about a deer?  I've had a deer on mine.  They are such beautiful creatures.  So peaceful and innocent.  Have you ever sprawled out on your lawn and stared at the sky and watched the clouds float by?  Or try to make shapes of them?  It's almost like a tranquil meditation moment for me.

Anyway...DID YOU KNOW:

  • The first lawn mower was invented by an Englishman, Edwin Beard Budding. Patented in 1830, Budding got the original idea from watching a cutting cylinder at a local cloth mill. 
  • Of the roughly 50 million acres of grass in the United States, roughly 21 million of those acres are private lawns.
  • Lawns are great at producing oxygen. A 50-foot by 50-foot lawn can release enough oxygen throughout the day for the needs of one person.
  • Fawns average about 300 white spots.
  • Except for nursing two to four times a day, a fawn spends the first four weeks of life in hiding, separated from the doe.
  • Healthy fawns can outrun a man when only a few days old, but it generally takes three to six weeks before they can elude most predators.
So why all this useless trivia?  Or maybe not-so useless...who knows.  I find stuff like this entertaining.  Anyway...

Our next challenge is brought to you by our donating sponsor

 Lawn Fawn.  They have generously offered a wonderful prize of a 6x6 Paper Pad and a stamp set of your choosing.

So here are the details:

Create a project that has to do with a Lawn...(not blades of grass or wisps of it....but a lawn) and/or a Fawn/deer.  You can do either...or combine them both.  As long as you have a Lawn or a Fawn.  Winner will be chosen at RANDOM by a number generator. This is a two week not too much time.  Hurry hurry.  And please tell your friends to play too.  The more the merrier :) Deadline is May 31st at 11:59pm Mountain Time. Projects must be current.  No backlinking, please.

Here are some examples from our FABULOUS design team to get you motivated and help inspire you.

Good luck and HAPPY CRAFTING!!








Limit of 2 entries please


  1. Gorgeous work :-)
    Please delete my first submission, link was incorrect. Thanks

  2. Cute idea! Wonderful if I own anything with a deer or fawn?

  3. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous inspirations with us and for a great challenge too Karen x

  4. Wow, look at all this talent pouring in! :D

  5. I've been trying to upload my submission but it's been linking to my instagram (which does not include the submission) instead of my blog.
    I have no idea how to get it to work. Shame because I love lawn fawn products and put time into my entry so that I could have a chance of winning.

  6. Well I've managed to get the image on my insta to enter in the competition now. I know the theme is lawn so let me explain my entry... the green behind the girl represents the lawn. I feel when I look at this card the girl is lying on the lawn looking up at the clouds. Thanks for hosting such a great competition xx

  7. I don't have a blog but have the picture on my phone. Is there a way to enter?