Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Post

From Sheryl:

Just want to say HEY...and welcome.  We have a lot in store for this group.  Lots of ideas, games, challenges, contests (some with prizes and some's all about the fun!), sharing of techniques, new ideas....just whatever.

But we are so excited to be starting our own crafting site.  I guess sometimes things happen for a reason, right?  We may be just starting out and small...but I have hopes that, with our wonderful group of ladies and design team members, we can attract a whole bunch of people to us and become a great community of crafters....from all over the world.  Just be patient as we keep building our sites and adding wonderful things :)

Terri here:
And I'm super excited about this new venture.  Hang on tight 'cause you are in for a fun ride!  This is the place for you to showcase your projects, be part of a wonderful crafting community and win some prizes along the way.  So share us, follow, bookmark and soon we will crank her up!  We also have a dynamite designer team that will inspire you and encourage you.  We'll share more about these wonderful ladies in the coming days, so stay tuned!


  1. I am not a crater but will support my sister Terri. I will be happy to post share and generally get the word out!!